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Allto Market Research is a highly-experienced, full service market research and insight agency. We provide national and global research services to clients in consumer, business-to-business and healthcare sectors.
Product testing
* We've been doing that since 1982!
About us
Providing high quality, actionable insight since 1982, we help some of the most well-known companies in the UK and worldwide to grow their businesses. We operate under ISO 20252, the international quality standard specific to the market research industry. We’ve maintained continuous recognition under this and previous quality schemes since 1997.

We don’t define ourselves as a qualitative or quantitative agency. We’re a varied team of insight experts with experience in psychology, statistics, forecasting, modelling and business.

We approach every brief with fresh and inquiring minds and use an array of techniques to design bespoke research solutions. You can be sure of a personal, responsive and flexible service, delivering high quality actionable insight and working with you to improve business performance.
What we do
Allto Market Research offers a wide range of capabilities across a mix of industries and applications. Our primary focus is on product testing, healthcare, business-to-business, utilities and finance.
Product testing

Being a leader means constantly adapting and meeting consumers’ changing needs. Getting it right reaps substantial rewards. Getting it wrong can be costly and have a negative impact on an organisation’s reputation.


Creating successful new products requires a systematic approach to identifying opportunities and evaluating their potential. Our approach involves a combination of creativity and objective analysis. Our specialist qualitative and quantitative teams work as one to ensure a smooth and seamless NPD process.


Our vast experience of product testing, product/service benchmarking, sensory testing, preference mapping, needs state analysis and pack testing will ensure that you’re always ahead of the competition.


We specialise in healthcare and medical research, nationally and in international markets. We are experts at researching both patient groups and healthcare professionals, from new product development to user-experience evaluation.

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We have specialist expertise in business-to-business research across all sectors, from SMEs to large corporates, industrial to professional services.

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We work with some of the most well-known financial institutions to help them gain insights into products and trends, form a deeper understanding of their customers and more effectively navigate the market. Our research covers a variety of sectors including insurance, banking, pensions and investments.


We specialise in utilities market research and have vast experience in the energy and water sectors. We provide research on a range of issues affecting the market for businesses and consumers, including energy/water management, customer behaviour, customer satisfaction, pricing/tariffs and brand reputation.

Our clients
Allto Market Research is proud to work with the following clients...
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Our people
We’re a strong blend of market research and data experts who have held senior roles and have many years’ experience working with the biggest brands.
John Shepherd

John established Alchemy Research in 1998, before taking on the role of Managing Director of Allto in 2019. He has over 30 years’ qualitative and quantitative experience, gained largely in senior agency roles, and has extensive consumer and business-to-business research knowledge that enables him to add value and insight at all stages.

Duncan McCallum

Duncan established Allto Market Research over 30 years ago (originally as McCallum Layton Research).  Since then, Duncan has guided the business to become far more than a pure research agency, with an emphasis on developing and delivering integrated solutions to clients’ business issues.

Kate Thompson
Director & Head of Business-To-Business Research

Kate has over 30 years’ experience of designing, managing and analysing research projects in a wide range of business-to-business fields. Kate spent five years with IFF Research Ltd in London before joining Allto Market Research in 1988 to establish a business-to-business research division. She has been a Partner with the firm since 1994, and is also responsible for the design and implementation of our quality assurance systems.

Matt Counsell
Director & Head of Quantitative Research

Matt is an experienced Head Of Research with a demonstrable history of working in the market research industry. He is a strong research professional with 24 years' knowledge working in the Food & Beverage, Financial, Retail and Utilities sectors. Matt has extensive experience of consumer product testing across a wide range of product categories.

Alex Culshaw
Director & Head of Qualitative Research

Alex has over ten years’ experience in public (agency and client side) and private sector (agency side) research settings. He has significant experience across social and pharmaceutical sectors and further maintains strong academic links. Alongside his programme management experience, Alex specialises in qualitative research methodologies and analysis.

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