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Solutions  /  Maximising data value

Use your current data to predict the likely outcome of a future event and find ways to maximise your ROI. Simulator tools or ‘what if’ scenarios can be used... / read more


Analytics - McCallum Layton Research Agency based in Leeds

Solutions  /  Maximising data value

Analytics improves future business performance by exploring and analysing your data to uncover new information and trends. We tailor the techniques to meet... / read more

Vox pops

McCallum Layton Vox Pops

Solutions  /  Driving insight to the heart of your business

Video brings presentations to life and provides an illustration of the ‘outside’ world to those who are perhaps not customer facing. Our vox pops use HD... / read more

Online communities

Online Communities - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Solutions  /  Customer closeness

Online communities provide the channel for long term dialogues between you and your customers. Interacting with them in this way places them at the heart of... / read more

Customer immersion/ethnography

Customer immersion - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Solutions  /  Customer closeness

Surveys and focus groups sometimes provide only half the picture; even well intentioned customers can’t always articulate their behaviour and are often... / read more

Customer segmentation


Solutions  /  Customer closeness

The days of a “one size fits all’ marketing strategy are long gone, strategies are now needed to meet the requirements of many diverse customer segments;... / read more

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Solutions  /  Customer closeness

Continuous understanding of customer satisfaction and its drivers is vital to your business, without it, it’s impossible to make changes focused on improving... / read more

Communicating with your customers

Communicating with your customers


One of your most powerful tools is your communications strategy – does yours reinforce loyalty, improve satisfaction and increase marketing opportunities?... / read more