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Tag: Communicating

New Product Development

NPD - McCallum Layton Research Agency based in Leeds

Solutions  /  Product creation and optimisation

Creating successful new products requires a systematic approach to identifying opportunities and evaluating their potential. The approach must involve... / read more

Staff bulletin boards

Staff bulletin boards - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Solutions  /  Driving insight to the heart of your business

Staff bulletin boards are great for communicating the results of projects to a large number of personnel in one or more locations, or indeed to collect staff... / read more

Allto Vision

MLTV - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Solutions  /  Driving insight to the heart of your business

Allto Vision is our innovative way of disseminating research and insight in an engaging and interactive television news-style format. It’s a great way... / read more

Language and behaviour profiling

Language and behaviour profiling - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Solutions  /  Customer closeness

LAB identifies the triggers that stimulate an individual’s motivation – it uncovers the connections between language and behavioural patterns... / read more

Ad concept testing


Solutions  /  Communicating with your customers

Your advertising pounds are precious so naturally you need to ensure that they’re not wasted – a comparatively small amount of money spent up-front... / read more

Communicating with your customers

Communicating with your customers


One of your most powerful tools is your communications strategy – does yours reinforce loyalty, improve satisfaction and increase marketing opportunities?... / read more