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The Hub


Driving insight to the heart of your business

Obtaining high quality insight requires considerable investment so it’s natural you’ll want to use it to maximum benefit; to do so you need to get it to the people and places in your organisation where it will have the most impact. We have developed various tools and techniques that will ensure that this happens.

Allto Vision /

MLTV - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Allto Vision is our innovative way of disseminating research and insight in an engaging and interactive television news-style format. It’s a great way to communicate with a company-wide audience and over multiple sites. Unlike PowerPoint, the presenter can instantly switch between sections of the presentation through an easy to use menu. Like our vox pops, Allto Vision uses HD video of broadcast quality.

  • Fast and easy navigation
  • Can incorporate a variety of media
  • Presenter explains the information
  • Can be accessed by smartphone
  • Secure password protected access

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The Hub /

The Hub - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

The Hub is our online insight information library and analysis portal that delivers insight to where it’s needed. Personal usernames and passwords give you and your colleagues secure access to a library where all the details of past and present projects are stored, ready to be viewed or downloaded.

You can view video of your fieldwork, listen to CATI interviews, access and interrogate raw data and design and print charts.

Stakeholder and insight action audits /

Stakeholder and insight action audits from McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

At the outset of a project we will work with you to identify the insight touch-points in your organisation. This process will identify colleagues who will be affected by the outcomes and whose cooperation will be required to make the outcomes successful. Furthermore it will consider strategies to overcome any resistance that might arise and demonstrate the potential benefits of the outcomes to all stakeholders.

Once the insight has been generated we will work with you to ensure it is incorporated into an action plan with clearly defined responsibilities matched against a timetable. Working in this way ensures a ‘joined-up’ insight package that makes a real impact on your return on investment.

Vox pops /

McCallum Layton Vox Pops

Video brings presentations to life and provides an illustration of the ‘outside’ world to those who are perhaps not customer facing. Our vox pops use HD video of broadcast quality.

Dashboards /

Dashboards - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

We can design dashboards for you that provide headline data in a format that is easy to assimilate and can be easily read by others in the organisation who might not be particularly research literate.

Staff bulletin boards /

Staff bulletin boards - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Staff bulletin boards are great for communicating the results of projects to a large number of personnel in one or more locations, or indeed to collect staff input for a piece of research.