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The Hub


Customer closeness

In today’s competitive environment successful businesses are those that are close to their customers -this is where we can help. We work with clients to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing activities by discovering as much as possible about their customers – not only their profile, but also how they feel and behave, and what their dreams and aspirations are.

Customer satisfaction /

Customer satisfaction - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Continuous understanding of customer satisfaction and its drivers is vital to your business, without it, it’s impossible to make changes focused on improving loyalty and retention. Our experience of designing and implementing satisfaction tracking studies and of statistical analysis of the data – such as key driver analysis – will provide you with the tools to identify and implement improvements.

Customer segmentation /


The days of a “one size fits all’ marketing strategy are long gone, strategies are now needed to meet the requirements of many diverse customer segments; the key is to accurately identify them so they can be successfully targeted.

Effective Customer Segmentation involves an analysis of quantitative data fused with qualitative insights to ‘flesh out’ the segments so as to provide a detailed understanding of their underlying attitudes and motivations. Utilising our experience in this area we will work with you to ensure you realise the potential of your customer segments.

Customer immersion/ethnography /

Customer immersion - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Surveys and focus groups sometimes provide only half the picture; even well intentioned customers can’t always articulate their behaviour and are often unaware that what they actually do is miles away from what they think they do. This is where Customer Immersion programmes are invaluable – they allow us as researchers, and/or you and your staff, to gather information that otherwise might be missed. Customer immersion can take the form of simple observation, or can be more detailed involving, for example, accompanied shops, ‘fly on the wall’ recordings, or interactive exercises. Let us devise a Customer Immersion programme for you to ensure that you know your customers better than they know themselves!

Social media /


Daily, millions of consumers share opinions, give advice, make recommendations or air grievances through online discussion boards, communities, social networks and blogs; if you don’t listen to this feedback  you miss out on a rich source of marketing information. However, getting the most out of this powerful research tool is not easy – the volume of data is immense and understanding how to harness it and what it can and cannot do is challenging. Let us show you how to get closer to your customers by tuning in and making use of their web-buzz.

Online communities /

Online Communities - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

Online communities provide the channel for long term dialogues between you and your customers. Interacting with them in this way places them at the heart of your business, allowing you to understand their needs and experiences and ultimately build stronger and more enduring customer relationships.

Language and behaviour profiling /

Language and behaviour profiling - McCallum Layton, Leeds based research agency

LAB identifies the triggers that stimulate an individual’s motivation – it uncovers the connections between language and behavioural patterns and is an essential technique for designing copy and other communications in a way that ensures messages use appropriate and motivational language.