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Service 2: Skin Care Compliance Monitoring System (SCCMS)


What is SCCMS?

  • Ongoing measurement of skin care product usage by workers against best practice standards.

How does SCCMS work?

  • Electronic technology, sealed into skin care product dispensers, transmit data on usage. Data are collected in a cloud-based network and converted into usage frequency and compliance reports for management.

Does the SCCMS measure individual workers?

  • No. SCCMS collectively measures all workers that use the skin care products provided. This ‘Group Monitoring’ provides overall compliance data for worker groups.

How are the data viewed?

  • Via a Skin Care Compliance Dashboard available to view on a dedicated, password protected web site.
  • Data are available anywhere where there is an online connection.
  • Employers will determine who has access to data.
  • Under normal circumstances data will be updated weekly.

What is the benefit?

  • SCCMS allows management to assess compliance with skin care best practice and identify their risk levels associated with skin condition.
  • By combining the SCA and the SCCMS, employers can ensure that initiatives to improve skin care compliance result in actual improvements in the skin condition of their workers.