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The Hub


Online Quant & Reporting

We use one of the leading market research software suites to script and host online surveys.  The system helps us design visually attractive and easy to use surveys which enhance the respondent experience, keep the respondent engaged and ensure high quality data.


In addition to conventional quantitative questionnaires, we are able to use techniques that could otherwise only be used in costly face-to-face interviews:

  • presenting visual and multimedia stimulus (images, video and audio)
  • trade off exercises e.g. Conjoint, Maxdiff
  • shop shelf layout
  • ‘smiley’ and star ratings
  • targets and area maps


Our online reporting tools can provide you with instant access to your data by means of:

  • a portfolio of pre-generated key charts and tables
  • drag-and-drop functionality to run your own analyses which can then be saved to your own portfolio

Restrictions can be set for individual users in your organisation such that they can access only those projects, questions or sub-groups you want them to.

We can also provide you with a top level ‘dashboard’ to drive key results to the heart of your business.