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The Younger Generation wants to be fitter


There appears to be a seismic change in the attitudes of the younger generation when it comes to health; we wonder how well equipped today’s retailers & brand owners are to take advantage of it.


85% of 18-25 year olds say that it is important for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The lifestyles of the younger generation have a great bearing on what they buy, where they buy it, and who they buy it from, not to mention how they buy and consume products and services.


Allto Consulting surveyed 400 18-25 year old to not only see how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle was to them, but also how they go about maintaining it.


Of course, saying that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to you can mean wildly different things to different people. For some it can mean maintaining an ultra-fit level of muscle mass, while for others it will mean trying to lose weight to battle obesity. However, regardless of people’s different interpretations of a healthy lifestyle, it is clear that health is high on young adults’ priorities.


Taking care of what they put into their bodies is the most common action taken by young people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At least half say they eat a healthy diet, never smoke and/or either don’t drink alcohol or only have it in moderation.


Full time students and those in work or education are significantly more likely than workers to say they don’t smoke and/or don’t drink/drink in moderation.


60% of those who eat healthily to maintain a healthy lifestyle avoid eating takeaways: the same proportion avoids fizzy drinks, while other products with high sugar content are also high on young adults’ list of foods to avoid.


Women are significantly more likely than men to say that they eat healthily in general (59% vs. 47%). Women are also significantly more likely to take vitamins or supplements as part of their dietary intake (34% vs. 20%)


In terms of aspirations and goals, two fifths of young adults say they want to improve their diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, over a third specifically mentioned wanting to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat. Food manufacturers have an opportunity to attract young consumers by strengthening the credentials of their products, and effectively marketing health benefits to customers.


Away from dietary goals, it would seem that the strains of modern life are a real problem for a large portion of today’s young adults. 37% of respondents say they want to avoid stress or reduce their stress levels, with women significantly more likely to state this than men (44% vs. 30%).


Stress, then is a central part of many young people’s lives, driven by coming to adulthood during and immediately after the last recession and in an economic climate which demands long hours for low pay for many aspiring professionals, and with the recent EU referendum results creating an air of uncertainty, this outlook could become worse.


To find out how well equipped your business is to meet the changing requirements of this generation or for our full Youth of Today report please contact dalehenry@allto.co.uk