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Customer Service Snapshots Scope 2015

Consumers have become increasingly demanding when it comes to interacting with companies. They use a wide range of communication channels and as a result, consumers are demanding a smooth and consistent approach across each channel, and these demands certainly come into play when they attempt to address a customer service issue.


We’re undertaking a Customer Service review study as part of our free Snapshots Report program.


The report will look at how companies are implementing Omni Channel customer service tools and how consumers measure the effectiveness of the ones they have experienced.   We use a nationally representative sample (adults 18+) to conduct this study.


This report will help you understand:-

    • The main communication channels consumers are using when interacting with companies/brands to address a customer service issue.
    • Why consumers use a particular customer service channel and how this varies between sectors. i.e. food and grocery, banking, utilities etc,
    • How effectively queries are managed across different channels from the customer’s perspective.
    • The impact a positive/negative customer service experience can have on a business and a consumer’s future perception/interaction with that business.
    • The use of social media as a legitimate customer service channel and how consumers rate the experience of using it for that purpose.
    • The types of organisations customers perceive to have a good/bad approach to customer service.
    • Customer Service shamming. The reasons customers take to social media to share their experience and what effects this can have.


If you would like a free copy of this report then please send your email to dale@allto.co.uk